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5 genomics is the study of organisms based on their

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Unformatted text preview: ain. 4. Although plasmids may not be essential for cell function, they may provide traits that confer a selective advantage under certain conditions (e.g., antibiotic-resistance, virulence, or biodegradative capabilities). 5. Genomics is the study of organisms based on their full genetic content. A large number of Bacterial and Archaeal genome sequences have been completed and many more are currently being worked on. 6. Metagenomics is the study of microbial communities based on their full genetic content. The current goal of most metagenomics studies is to increase our understanding of the composition, interactions, and functions of microbes within natural communities in hosts, environmental habitats, and engineered systems such as biofuel production systems. Table 7.1 Genomes of representative bacteria !"#$%&'&()*+,-*."/012"*0"%&'&3$,"/*$4+$% 1./-0#%&'&!"#+5"&%06"&7-/0"%&,)&%./-0#&-4.8+$98& 5+%.&%./-0#%&0#&-&%2"*0"%&-/"&:-0/4)&%0504-/ " Escherichia coli chromosome divided int...
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