Problem115points consider a calendar composed of week

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Unformatted text preview: on the day of the deadline. Problem 1 (15 Points) : Consider a Calendar composed of “week”, “days” and “hourly time slots”. Indicate what actions (block , grant lock, release lock) is taken and what type of locks are set for each of the following actions in the following sequence: (i) – Process A wants to insert an appointment for slot 11:00 am of Monday of week‐10. (ii) – Before Process A completes, process B requires to read entries in week‐10; (iii) – Process A finishes and commits. (iv) ‐‐ Process C wants to block off Monday of week‐10 for a conference. Problem 2 (25 Points): A server manages the objects a1; a2; : : : ; an. The server...
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