1 v d what is the efficiency at this operating point

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Unformatted text preview: 0.1 V) d. What is the efficiency at this operating point? (80.6%) Problem 5: A 10HP PM DC motor is controlled by a power converter that can adjust its terminal voltage between 0 and 120VDC. The input voltage to the power converter is 144VDC. The parameters of the machine are ra = 0.143Ω, Kv = 1.104V·s and TLoss is negligible. If TLoad is fixed at 70N·m (regardless of speed): a. To achieve a rotor speed of 60rad/s, i. Find the required armature current and armature voltage. [Ia = 63.4A, Va = 75.3V] ii. Find the converter duty cycle. [D = 52.3%] iii. If the converter is 93% efficient, determine the average current out of the 144V source. [Is = 35.6A]...
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