Ans 241108 j d determine the total required energy if

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Unformatted text preview: s: (2.41*108 J) d. Determine the total required energy if only 75% of the total energy goes to launching the plane (the rest is lost in heat and overcoming drag). Ans: (3.21*108 J) e. Given the restriction on available average power from the ship power system, find the minimum time required between catapult shots. Ans: (42.8s) Problem 2: You are given a PM DC motor intended for use in an electric car that uses a 72V battery. You wish to determine the three parameters of the model: , , and . You run the following two tests: Test 1: Apply 72VDC and measure and with no load Test 2: Apply 72VDC and measure and with a load a. Determine , , and . [ra = 0.118Ω, Kv = 0.36Vs, TLoss = 1.51Nm] b. Determine the efficiency of the motor for the conditions of Test 2. [83.8%] c. If we set and rotor speed (Assume that [Ia = 25A, ω = 130.7r...
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