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Midterm01 - University of California San Diego Department...

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University of California, San Diego Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE109 Midterm Exam *** SOLUTIONS *** Wednesday, May 9, 2001 4:40 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Location: WLH 2005 Name Signature ID Number INSTRUCTIONS This exam is open book and open notes. No calcula- tors, laptop computers, or other electronic devices are al- lowed. Circle your answers and show all your work. If you need extra space, please use the back of the previous page. Partial credit will be given only for substantial progress on a problem. Zero credit will be given for correct an- swers that lack adequate explanation of how they were obtained. There are 30 maximum points on this exam. Please check that you have all the pages 1–6 of this exam. Grading 1. 10 points 2. 10 points 3. 10 points TOTAL (30 max) ... 1
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Problem 1 (10 points) The probability that Alice and Bob both graduate is , that Bob and Carol both graduate is , and that Alice and Carol both graduate is . There is no chance that Alice will graduate if neither Bob nor Carol graduate, nor is there any chance Bob will graduate if neither Alice nor Carol graduate.
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