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COSC Study Guide 2013 Capter 3 - 1 A tool used for making...

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1. A tool used for making calculations what was considered essential for engineering and science students through the 1960s is an abacus. False 2. The Difference engine was a calculator that operated using steam power. True 3. In 1947, it was estimated that there would only be a need for 100 electronic computers to satisfy the computing needs of the entire United States. False 4. Relocating business processes, such as development and production, to lower-cost locations is called privatizing. False 5. The product design stage of the lifecycle of a new hardware product often takes place under wraps. True 6. In the maintenance stage of the hardware product life cycle, as supply and demand for product reach an equilibrium, the manufacturer might reduce the price to keep the product attractive to buyers. True 7. Sometimes a software publisher releases a beta version of the software to individuals and companies in the general public to expose the software to the widest possible variety of computers and operating environments. True 8. Security specialists install and configure antivirus software and firewalls. True 9. A computer technician designs and tests new hardware products. False 10. Contract workers can be added to company staff when needed, instead of hiring full- time workers who might later be laid off if the company is forced to downsize. True 11. Confidentiality is the obligation not to disclose willingly any information that should be kept private. True 12. RFID chips embedded in ID badges can be used to keep track of employees’ locations in an office or manufacturing facility. True 13. A LCD generates x-rays which are considered harmful. False 14. When using a computer, the proper position for your back is leaning forward slightly. False 15. To combat potential health hazards associated with computer use, you should try to take breaks every 20 minutes. True 16. The slide rule, developed in 1621 by William Oughtred, is based on logarithms discovered by John Napier. True 17. Population growth and business globalization are two important factors that have contributed to huge past investments in information technology. True 18. First-generation computers used vacuum tube technology. True 19. First-generation computers were characterized by custom application programs. True 20. Assembly language and machine language are the same. False 21. Second-generation computers were characterized by their use of operating systems.
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COSC Study Guide 2013 Capter 3 - 1 A tool used for making...

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