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(13)Study Guide- Ch. 5 -Physical Properties of Water (2-25-08) Sections 5.8, 5.9 Ch. 6- Chemistry of Seawater Section 6.1 1) What is a SOFAR Channel? -SOFAR Channel: a minimum sound velocity zone created when temperature, pressure, and salinity variations with depth in seawater combine-at a depth of about 1km How does this affect different sound waves? -longer sound waves will be trapped (and therefore can end up traveling halfway around the world) until they dissipate 2) What is a “shadow zone?” -shadow zone: regions of water that sound paths bend away from How does this apply to locating a submarine? -sound travelling through water bends due to refraction toward regions of slower speed -if sound bends away from an area, it is understood that that area is not of slower speed, but faster, therefore implying that there is a submarine 3) How do icebergs form? -icebergs form as waves and tide (with help from gravity) erode land and break off large pieces of the sea edge of major glaciers
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Stacey_Guide_13 - (13)Study Guide-Ch. 5-Physical Properties...

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