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Page 1 of 2 Nano Assignment Dr. Timon McPhearson’s FoS Sections Quantum / Chemistry Unit 1. Waking up in the nano-world Suppose that one day you awaken and sit up in bed, only to discover that your bed seems to be nowhere in sight. Snapping to alertness, you notice that nothing in your surroundings looks remotely familiar. While you are sure that the previous night you went to sleep covered in a blanket and with your head on a pillow, this morning you find yourself in a strange, dimly lit alien landscape. The substance upon which you are lying has an unusual, rough texture, and is vibrating noticeably. Squinting at it closely and probing it with your hands, you think that it is made out of beads about the width of your little finger, but it’s hard to be sure since the beads won’t hold still long enough to let you get a good look. Suddenly, it dawns on you: a deranged scientist has trapped you inside a physics problem!
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FoS_Quantum_II_Assignment_Questions - Nano Assignment Dr....

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