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CHIN 212 - Grammar Translation 2

CHIN 212 - Grammar Translation 2 - and said “Are you done...

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212 3 5 Assignment E 1.2 I know there’s no desire to do this, but seeing his excited manner, I couldn’t say anything 1.3 When you see everyone is excited, you don’t want to say “you cannot succeed”. 2.2 I asked him, “Have you finished writing your thesis yet? You need to turn it in tomorrow already.” He unconcernedly replied, “Not yet, there’s no rush.” 2.3 Seeing his unconcerned manner made me angry. 3.2 He has been deceiving me for a while, and I couldn’t take it anymore, so I hurried him away. 3.3 I listened to his scolding for a very long time, later I eventually couldn’t take it anymore
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Unformatted text preview: and said, “Are you done yet?” 4.2 He wants to speak, but doesn’t say anything again, there must be something that is hard for him to talk about 4.3 Say what you want to say, don’t tell me there’s something embarrassing for you? 5.2 You need to be clear on the causes and effects before you can make a decision. 5.3 The causes and effects are clear, he has begun looking for a way to make a decision. 6.2 He had a moment of inspiration, 6.3 After hearing him talk, I had a moment of inspiration, and found out how he got to his conclusion....
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