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Unformatted text preview: October 8/9/10 RIT Case Interest Rate Futures #4 – October 1/2/3 Chapter 6 Tutorials available during the week of October 15th – see portal for dates/times/locations Assignment 1 and Finance Lab Case #1 due on or before 4pm October 17th for ALL sections #6 – October 15/16/17 Chapter 6 Interest Rate Futures (cont’d) Midterm Examination 7‐9pm, Wed Oct 23rd ALL SECTIONS #7 – October 23 Swaps Chapter 7 #8 – October 29/30/31 Monday, November 4th (Last Day to Withdraw) Please attend a 1 hour session in the FRTL at a non‐class time during the week of November 4‐8. Dates and times for available sessions will be announced on the portal. (This 1 hour session is to prepare you for Finance Lab Case #2.) #9 – November 5/6/7 Properties of Options Trading Strategies Involving Options Chapters 9, 10 and 11 November Break (No Classes) (Monday, November 11th to Tuesday, November 12th) Assignment 2 will be posted Monday November 11th #10 – November 19/13/14 #11 – November 26/20/21 Binomial Trees Chapter 12 (excl. Appendix)and 17.6 The Black‐Scholes Merton Model Chapter 14 (excl. 14.6 and Appendix) Page 3 of 6 Assignment 2 and Finance Lab Case #2 due on or before 4pm December 3rd for ALL sections #12 – December 3/November 27/28 The Greeks Chapter 18 Tutorials available during the week of December 2nd – see portal for dates/times/locations FINAL EXAM (TBA ‐ Exam Period ‐ December 9th to 20th) *The Finance Lab session date(s) may change in cases of scheduling conflict. POLICY AND PROCEDURE Missed Tests and Assignments (including the midterm examination) Students who miss a test or assignment for reasons entirely beyond their control (e.g. illness) may submit a request for special consideration. Provided that notification and documentation are supplied in a timely manner, and that the request is subsequently approved, no academic penalty will be applied. In such cases, students must notify Rotman Commerce on the date of the missed test (or due date in the case of course work) and submit supporting documentation (e...
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