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CHIN 212 - D - Paragraph 2 Translation

CHIN 212 - D - Paragraph 2 Translation - sitting at it and...

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212 1 1 31 1 Paragraph 2 Translation Ever since my siblings started working, family dinner every year is not complete. If it isn’t work that keeps them from coming home, it is the fact that they couldn’t afford the airfare. Outside, we paste the couplets, and the firecracker sounds rise to the sky, but the room feels desolate. The table is full of tasty delicacies, but there are very few people
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Unformatted text preview: sitting at it, and everyone is barely speaking until it suddenly becomes silent. Thinking about when I was young, with the adults are busy preparing the meal, and the kids running all around the room; all that chaos was such a sight, I couldn’t help but to sigh to myself, “There is no more New Year’s spirit!”...
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