CHIN212 - Translation lesson 3

CHIN212 - Translation lesson 3 - 2. Since I’ve known him,...

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212 2 7 Assignment B 2. After he came to china, they never met. 3. He never tells a lie, you should believe him. 2. This kid has sunk to such a level, after carefully investigating the reason, it is because of ____ with his parents. 3. The police caught the drug addict, after investigating the source, it came from a neighboring country. 2. This city’s prosperous jobs are done well. 3. This person is completely westernized. 2. That place’s people’s standard of living is increasing day by day. 3. The relationship between those two country’s people are getting more _______ day by day. 2. Your girlfriend spoke to you in such a manner; its obvious she implies she wants to break up. 3. You didn’t go to the interview, of course that implies you don’t want that job. 2. According to our investigation, students playing video games leads their studying situation getting worse and worse. 3. Due to his performance, the company fired him, which caused him trouble.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Since I’ve known him, I haven’t seen him smoke 3. Since I’ve been in China, I’ve been to Shanghai three times 2. I’ve known him for a long time already, yet I don’t understand him. 3. I’ve already forgotten about this matter, yet until now she still _______. 2. Its already 8 and the movie is already halfway through, so obviously he’s not coming. 3. She didn’t say goodbye to me before she left, obviously she’s angry. 2. This room’s _______ is very _______ ____ ____ ____ ____ ___ ____. 3. Your salary is about twice mine. 2. No wonder you didn’t test well, because you basically didn’t review. 3. No wonder you don’t speak Chinese with an accent, you grew up in China. 2. If those two countries don’t go to war, it will affect the leading status of the world 3. If you’re in danger, you can use this cell phone to call for help....
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CHIN212 - Translation lesson 3 - 2. Since I’ve known him,...

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