IndE 101 - Assignment 1

IndE 101 - Assignment 1 - experience(despite a lengthy wait...

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Thomas Ng – 0522796 Reilly Loveland – 0737495 Michael Dodd – 0725028 Alvaro Moreno – 0429366 Tim Chen – Overall Rankings (Ranks are 1-10) Store Speed Service Ease Productivity Efficiency QFC 9 8 10 8 9 McDonalds 8 7 9 8 8 Shopko 9 10 10 9 7 U-Haul 0 4 6 10 5 On the customer side, the ones that were successful shared the following characteristics: Several stands to pay for items/services Friendly employees Multiple employees handling each customer’s experience Multiple, defined steps that are known ahead of time Flexibility based on customer load (call additional checkers, etc) The service that did not score as well, U-Haul, was lacking in these features. However, from the management point of view, they were saving more money for the company, due to the fact that the one employee was able to handle all the customers and all parts of the customer service
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Unformatted text preview: experience (despite a lengthy wait). There did not appear to be much concern for customer satisfaction. Overall, for better customer service, it appears to be better to have more people involved in the service, as it is faster and better for the customers. Also with that is to put the customers’ needs first (which could best be seen at QFC). Depending on the market however, if there is not too much competition, it seems that one can get away with a lower standard of customer service, such as U-Haul, in favor of saving money for the business for additional employees and tools....
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IndE 101 - Assignment 1 - experience(despite a lengthy wait...

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