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Final Project IND E 101 Fred Meyer – Problems with the checkout and general flow of the customer through the store Check stands do not feed right into exits Cramped checkstands…not “streamlined” i.e. the bagger may sometimes have to reach quite a distance to get to the merchandise and bag it. Not much room for customers to leave check area without having to wait for other customers These three problems = lines build up a lot in busy times This directly affects the customers in line, since they must wait in a long line which is a waste of time.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, these long lines often back up into the merchandise aisles, slowing down other customers from getting to their merchandise. See Excel attachment for rough diagram of store. look at the narrow walkway which the check stands feed into toward the exit. Notice that customers exiting the electronics area and any others exiting the store from left to right or right to left run into customers leaving the checking area. Also notice how easily a long line can easily back up into the merchandise aisles and block access, slowing customers....
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