443 Lecture 17 building a new ship II (1)

Coli protection dmglucoselmfucosedmgalactoseanddm

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Unformatted text preview: omposiOon' –  Most'commonly'polysaccharide' –  Occasionally'DMamino'acid'pepOde' •  Yersinia( •  Bacillus( •  Virulence'factor' Example:'Colanic'acid' –  AnOMphagocytosis' –  Serotypes' •  K'anOgen'of'E.(coli( •  Protection DMglucose,'LMfucose,'DMgalactose,'and'DM glucuronate'sugars'that'are' nonstoichiometrically'decorated'with'OM acetyl'and'pyruvate'side'chains' –  Phage' –  DesiccaOon' –  Food'reserve' •  Adhesion' •  Biofilms' Outside of the S layer- there is a potential for having a capsule capsule can either be made of polysaccharides or peptide Location and proposed activities of a hypothetical biosynthetic complex carrying out coordinated synthesis and export of group 1 capsule in E. coli. take UDP sugar (in cytoplasm) and build chain on undecapreyl buid up chain move to periplasm use protein to move to final location UDP handle for sugar form polymer in cytoplasm carrier = undecapreyl move across membrane use proteins to get out of the cell Nesper J et al. J. Biol. Chem. 2003;278:49763-49772 ©2003 by American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology EnzymaOc'synthesis'of'Capsule( SacB' Sucrose''+''(Polyfructose)n' Glucose''+''(Polyfructose)n+1' Capsule'PS' SecreOon'is'SecMdependent' EPS'ProducOon'with'Sucrose' SacB' Capsule'Polysaccharide'' Capsule'Polysaccharide'' Need'to'know' –  LPS'Biosynthesis' •  •  •  •  •  UDPMsugar' in cytoplasm Lipid'A' Core'assembly' Membrane'transport' Assembly'of'OManOgen' –  Capsule' •  Carrier'mediated' •  EnzymaOc' going to vary depending on bacterium dont need to memorize specific proteins understand fundamental process Team'meeOngs'' Nov)11) •  Team'1'''11:00M11:12' •  Team'2'''11:12M11:24' •  Team'3'''11:24M11:36' •  Team'4'''11:36M11:48' •  Team'5'''11:48M12:00' •  Team'6'''12:00M12:12' Nov)13) •  Team'7'''''11:00M11:12' •  Team'8'''''11:12M11:24' •  Team'9'''''11:24M11:36' •  Team'10'''11:36M11:48' •  Team'11'''11:48M12:00'''''' Here' What'paper'did'you'choose'and'why?' What'are'you'going'to'include'from'the'review...
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