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10-03-07FastFood Prewriting - eat, without going hungry. In...

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Daniel Yim Dr. Hoagland English 133.033 3 October 2007 Fast Food Prewriting Before reading ANY of these articles, and before you work through the comprehension questions, I would like you to write a paragraph articulating your feelings towards fast food in general, McDonald's in particular, and the debate regarding fast food and obesity. For me, eating at McDonald’s is a guilty pleasure. It’s something I try to do only once a week, but the cheap, delicious fatty food always lures me in for more servings than my weekly quota. Recently as a new college student, I’ve become even more inclined to eat fast food because of my lack of income. Now, it is even harder to be picky with what I eat, or what I don’t
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Unformatted text preview: eat, without going hungry. In this situation, the temptation is hard to refrain from even when I know deep down inside that this eating behavior is ultimately to my detriment. I believe that critics can say what they want about McDonalds and the like, but the fast food industry knows a surefire way to lure its customers: value, and the tactic works for those in economical crises. As long as people are eating Big Macs occasionally and not habitually, I find no reason to criticize guilty pleasures as long as it remains just that. Yim 1...
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