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Reading Guide #21

Review of the origin of species fleeming jenkin

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Unformatted text preview: debates about the roles of hypotheses and observations in science. But Mill (and Herschel) definitely represented the “main stream” view of the proper canons of scientific reasoning, canons that Darwin, much to his surprise, would be accused of violating. Note: Hull mentions Darwin’s theory of “pangenesis.” This was Dawin’s theory of inheritance that he developed subsequent to the publication of the Origin. Q: Based on Hull’s analysis, how would you describe Darwin’s own views about how faithful his reasoning was to the Newtonian empiricist tradition? Justify your answer with references to Hull’s article and/or Darwin himself. “Objections to Mr. Darwin’s Theory of the Origin of Species” - Adam Sedgwick Sedgwick was a leading naturalist of the 19th century. He, along with Lyell, is considered one of the founders of...
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