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Dominic Doenges 10/16/07 Vocabulary Paper #2 The New Age is a term that is used to describe the contemporary and less traditional way of looking at religion in the attempt for human beings to discover what is really out there. This modern view beginning in the twentieth century is more of a scientific and atheistic view on religion. New age adds to the never ending debate between science and religion, and which one is actually right. New age also creates a loss of loyalty to religion due to humans trying to find
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Unformatted text preview: themselves and wanting factual evidence for everything. Materialism alludes to the individuals and societies who view the world as completely physical without any thought, understanding, or notion that there is a diving being. The groups that are materialistic perceive matter to be basic reality instead of thinking that there is a sacred reality. These individuals view, is that what is on Earth is all that there is to life. Materialism is another scientific and atheistic view on life and...
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