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Transport in the blood gas transport in the blood

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Unformatted text preview: n –  Healthy lungs works like a balloon, its elas(c walls squeeze on the air inside the balloon, increasing the internal air pressure, and when the neck of the balloon is opened, elas(c recoil causes air to flow out of the balloon –  Emphysemic lung works like a plas(c bag, it has high compliance and is easily inflated, and it has liole elas(c recoil and, if an inflated bag is opened to atmosphere, most of the air remains in the bag •  Reduced compliance affects ven(la(on because more work must be expended to stretch a s(ff lung: –  Restric(ve Lung diseases and Pulmonary Fibrosis increase energy required to breathe is •  Commonly caused by inelas(c scar (ssue formed in fibro(c lung diseases (inhala(on of par(culate maoer, macrophages ingest them, inflamma(on occurs, scar (ssue forms), and inadequate alveolar produc(on of surfactant, which facilitates lung expansion Factors that Cause Resistance to Air Flow •  Histamine, release by mast cells in response to (ssue damage or allergic reac(ons –  How can this be manipulated with drugs?? •  B2 receptors of smooth muscle in bro...
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