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Midterm #1 - Soc 152 A 5 short answers 6 multiple choice...

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Soc 152 A 5 short answers & 6 multiple choice. Only answer 4 out of 5 short answers. Each essay worth 6 pts. Multiple choice worth 1 pt Ch. 4: female anatomy Vulva (external genital structures) pic pg. 78 o Encompasses all female external female structures: the hair, the folds of the skin, the urinary & vaginal openings. Its shape has been likened to that of flowers, seashells, & other forms in nature. Mons veneris o Area covering the pubic bone o o Can be sexually stimulated-lots of nerve endings Labia majora (major lips) o Covers the vaginal opening o Contains nerve endings but not as sensitive to stimulation as the mons o Labia minora (inner lips) o Within the outer lips; joined at prepuce (clitorial hood) o Made of spongy tissue o Hairless o Many nerve endings (more so than outer lips) o Can be stimulated o Contains sweat & oil glands, extensive blood vessels Clitoris o Where the inner lips meet o Filled w/ nerve endings making it the most sensitive spot in the female body o Continual, proper stimulation will produce orgasm o Made of spongy tissue Glans -pea sized visual portion, often deemed “the pearl”, richly endowed w/ nerve endings. The external part of the clitoris has ~same nerve endings as the head of the penis. Shaft -consist of cavernous bodies that engorge w/ blood whn sexually stimulated, extends under the skin & connects to the pubic bone Clitorial hood -prepuce partially covering the shaft of the clitoris Vestibule: area inside the labia minora Urethral opening o Where urine leaves the body o NOTE: study UTI pg. 99
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Introitus: opening of the vaginal the hymen, a piece of tissue, partially covers the introitus Hymen: o Thin tissue (may have different appearances) o Covers the vaginal opening o No known physiological function, but may have cultural importance o Perineum o o Sensitive to touch, endowed w/ nerve endings o It is cut during an episiotomy To prevent ragged tearing during childbirth Genital mutilation pg. 82-83 o Circumcision: cutting of clitorial hood o Clitorectomy: removal of clitoris o Genital infibulation: clitoris is removed, labia cut off, sides scraped & sewn together o Prevents infidelity in women Makes sex unpleasurable for females o Why? Done as a rite of passage, to “protect” women from infidelity before or after marriage Underlying structures: (diagram on pg. 82) o Vestibular bulbs : along the vagina, fills w/ blood & cause the vagina to lengthen & cause the vulva to swell. These bulbs are similar to the spongy tissue in the penis that engorges during arousal and makes it erect. Compression of this tissue by the penis during intercourse causes internal
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Midterm #1 - Soc 152 A 5 short answers 6 multiple choice...

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