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People with certain personality traits will respond

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Unformatted text preview: Certain genotypes will respond to stimuli in 29 predictable ways. i.e.: desired outcomes Y; – e.g.: choice of your PDA by a certain segment of consumers – Controllables i.e.: variables X that you can affect and which have a known effect on Y; – e.g.: information search and evaluation, affective reactions, personality level segmentation – Contingency factors i.e.: variables Z that depending on their level alter the X-Y relation; X30 – e.g.: budget 5 Lecture 14 Lecture 14 Final Exam Final Exam Revision Revision Application TBA. For example: Segment: Target: understand consumers choose customers Position: Duration 2 hours The exam is composed of three distinct sections: offer utility differentiate prevent copy copy – Segment the market on personality types, certain response behaviours related with certain personality types; i.e.: target The final exam is worth 40% of the overall assessment – Positioning a PDA involves: – To be advised… Open conscientious extroverts, who are more likely to seek variety, have a higher threshold for risk but value organization in their lives. This group fits the profile of early adopters. – Offer uniqueness and utility (cognitive aspect of attitude) via Communication to aid information search and evaluation (active inform search, limited evaluation) You must pass the final to pass the subject! Product design to meet need states of the target market (functionality and style – visible consumption) Pricing and distribution to facilitate exchanges (economic value) – Create long-term brand loyalty (emotional component of attitude) long- 31 32 Lecture 14 Lecture 14 Course Evaluation Summary Revision Revision Please evaluate the lectures and the course design. Model of consumer behaviour Relations between variables Identify the variables you can affect to influence Identify the variables you can affect to influence consumer consumer behaviour 33 Apply to a marketing problem Bottled Water 34 Lecture 14 The End Live long and prosper 35 6...
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