naacp v. state

naacp v. state - National Association for the Advancement...

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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Inc. v. State of Ark. No. 5-1593 Supreme Court of Arkansas 229 Ark. 840; 319 S.W.2d 33; 1958 Ark. LEXIS 592 December 22, 1958, Opinion delivered PRIOR HISTORY: Appeal from Pulaski Chancery Court, First Division; Murray Reed, Chancellor. DISPOSITION: Affirmed. HEADNOTES: 1. Appeal and error -- points of error, abandonment by failure to argue. -- Points of error not argued in the briefs are considered to be abandoned for purposes of review. 2. Constitutional law -- freedom of speech and assembly, membership lists. -- NAACP's contention that its membership lists are privileged under the guaranties of freedom of speech and of assembly, held sufficiently answered in the case at bar by the fact that the order for production and inspection did not require the production of the membership lists. 3. Appeal and error -- review on appeal, estoppel by agreement. -- Parties' stipulation and oral agreement, that the only issue on appeal would be whether certain records required to be produced for inspection were privileged, held to preclude appellant's argument that the plaintiff should have been required to show good cause for the production of the records. COUNSEL: George Howard, Jr. of Pine Bluff, Ark. and Robert L. Carter, New York, N. Y., for
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naacp v. state - National Association for the Advancement...

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