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Unformatted text preview: ty of protein related to an animal’s requirement for amino acids Protein quality – How closely does the amino acid content of a feedstuff match the animal’s requirement? High quality proteins come closest to meeting an animal’s requirement for essential amino acids (ones that must be offered in the diet because they can not be synthesized in the body). This does not refer to digestibility! First Limiting Amino Acid – In a dietary protein source, what is the lowest concentration of an amino acid relative the animal’s requirement? Which amino acid would you run out of first when trying to make new tissue = first limiting Ideal Protein – a protein source that exactly matches an animal’s amino acid requirements. No deficiency, no excess. We try to feed animals diets that have the highest quality, which meets their first limiting amino acid needs and comes closest to achieving an ideal protein. Crystalline amino acids allow formulation of diets that more closely resemble the ideal protein, and allow the use of lower crude protein diets. Example Question: The concept of ideal protein is what nutritionists strive for when formulating rations, but it is not achievable using the feeds we currently have available. a. True b. False Lipids Lipid Structure Lipids are unique due to their hydrophobic nature. They are only soluble in non‐polar solutions like ether...
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