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Unformatted text preview: required o Deamination occurs when the carbon skeleton of an amino acid is more valuable (lots of excess or imbalance beyond what transamination can handle) Use of energy Convert it to glucose (gluconeogenesis) Use for fat synthesis Reaction requires vitamin B6 in the form of PLP and the specific dehydratase MUST dispose of the amino group Ammonia converted to urea o The NH3 that results from deamination is toxic and must be detoxified Variation by species in how this is accomplished (mammals create urea, birds make uric acid) Urea cycle converts ammonia into less toxic urea Occurs in the liver Requires amino acids Requires energy o This is why protein use for energy is inefficient! Example Question: Which essential amino acid is part of the urea cycle? a) b) c) d) Arginine Lysine Methionine Valine True or False – An imbalanced diet results in increased rates of transamination and deamination even though the animal is not growing to its full potential. a) True b) False Protein in Animal Diets Defining the quali...
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