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Unformatted text preview: h in polyunsaturated fat are disruptive to methane production and therefore negatively impact fiber digestion o As a results of lipolysis and biohydrogenation the lipid that enters the small intestine varies from the diet (trans bonds, odd chains, branched chains, etc.). Because of this ruminant adipose tissue varies greatly from the diet and from non‐ruminant animals (their adipose mimics the diet composition) Example Questions: Which lipoprotein is only found in blood coming from the small intestine post‐meal? a) VLDL b) HDL c) LDL d) Chylomicron True or False: Bile is an important enzyme involved in fat digestion. a) True b) False It is common for ruminant adipose tissue to naturally contain trans double bonds. a) True b) False Lipid Absorption and Transport Products of lipid digestion (2‐Monoglyceride and 2 free fatty acids) are combined to form a micelle o Micelle aligns with the enterocyte to allow absorption of lipid from the small intestine Contents enter enterocyte by passive diffusion (concentration gradient) while bile components are recycled Once inside the enterocyte a triglyceride is reformed o Fatty acids bonded to the 2‐Monoglyceride if long chain Short and medium chain fatty acids leave the enterocyte di...
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