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I didnt know you were interested in a sales position

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Unformatted text preview: hrough clenched teeth, Peterson answered, “I know you’ve been talking to Nick about promoting him to account rep. I’ve been here six months longer than him.” “I didn’t know you were interested in a sales position,” Richardson replied, trying to sound calm. “I didn’t know there was an opening!” Peterson exclaimed. “A position isn’t open right now, but if you’re interested, why don’t you put together your resume, and you can be considered should something come up,” Richardson responded, trying to defuse the situation. “I would think you of all people would want to give this opportunity to another woman,” retorted Peterson. And with that, the meeting was over. Sarah Vega It took Richardson a few days to pin down Vega for a meeting. Richardson could not help thinking of a butterfly whenever Vega came into a room. She arrived late and flitted about before sitting down, only to begin fidgeting again after a few minutes. Vega’s approach to her job seemed equally scattered. Her messages piled up at the reception desk. Her product knowledge was deep in some places and almost nonexistent in others, and she seemed more interested in the text messages that were constantly coming in to her phone than in the career advice Richardson was trying to deliver. By Friday, Richardson was weary and her enthusiasm had waned a bit. So far, she had seen more challenges than positives in her sales team. She made a few notes on each person and added them to her files (see Table 2). KELLOGG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Purchased by Chris Perronnet ([email protected]) on March 28, 2013 7 GROWING MANAGERS KEL629 Table 2: Phoenix Sales Team—Additional Information Alex Hoffman Account Representative Likes color industry, unclear about ColorTech (or me) Go-getter, top seller, driven by commissions Resistant to selling new stem products Gregorio Torres Account Representative Seems to like the company, but not closing sales Ideas about customer service website Understands products and customer service, but does he understand greenhousing? Sarah Vega Account Representative Unfocused, distracted by events outside of work? Uneven sales performance, often late or absent May need training Chelsea Peterson Store Merchandiser Negative interactions are the norm Interested in sales position when open, but no experience, skills Nick Ruiz Store Merchandiser Enthusiastic, knowledgeable Ready for sales position when open (see resume in file) Knows greenhousing from the ground up The deadline for the quarterly sales report, April 15, was Monday, and she still did not know where to get many of the numbers, even though she had the last report as a reference. It looked as if her plans to bike and hike over the weekend would have to take a back seat. Problems Emerge Sales Report The quarterly sales report was an exercise in frustration. Richardson spent hours working on it over the weekend but finally had to give up because some of the numbers on the previous report made no sense. She faxed what she had to Campbell first thing Monday morning. The phone rang almost immediately. Without even saying “Good morning,” Campbell started in. “You’re using last quarter’s report as a reference? Do you know why your predecessor left? He was fired for falsifying his rep...
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