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Unformatted text preview: sales manager. Richardson thanked them for their time, and as she walked out the door with T.J., she heard Torres saying something terse to Vega in Spanish. Vega replied in an equally curt tone. Richardson felt the tension in the air as she walked out of the room. Getting to Know the Team It took longer than an afternoon for Richardson to meet with each member of her team. Due to her own phone meetings with personnel and a mountain of paperwork (“Why didn’t anyone tell me I would spend so much time on paperwork?” she thought), Richardson had to settle for meeting with everyone over the first week. Alex Hoffman During her meeting with Hoffman, Richardson felt a continuation of the dismissive attitude she had noticed on Monday. Regarding his sales, if she read him right, Hoffman loved the annual and perennial color business but had no interest in selling cut flowers. In frustration, he told Richardson, “So you’re asking me to call on every little mom-and-pop florist shop to sell them, what, a couple thousand a month in stems? You’ve got to be kidding! Why don’t you just let me deal with the real customers?” Gregorio Torres Richardson’s meeting with Torres was no more successful, but for different reasons. Torres seemed uninterested in discussing his sales performance, but he was enthusiastic about sharing his ideas for a new website to manage customer service, especially for the small florist shops ColorTech was targeting with the new cut-flower business. Richardson had to admit that Torres had some creative ideas for servicing scattered, low-volume florists that might be customers someday, but she needed him to be making sales now. When asked why he felt his sales numbers were so low, he shrugged. “I’m just not a hard-sell kind of guy,” he answered. “I keep getting in trouble with the greenhouses for the orders I’m taking. They are so rigid in there. I keep getting caught between customers who are trying to meet demand and that archaic greenhouse operation that can change course only with three months’ advance notice!” 6 KELLOGG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Purchased by Chris Perronnet ([email protected]) on March 28, 2013 KEL629 GROWING MANAGERS Nick Ruiz From the moment Ruiz met Richardson, he wanted her to know he would do whatever it took to get into a sales position. His attitude proved refreshing to Richardson after her discussions with Hoffman and Torres. Ruiz knew a lot about the product from his conversations with customers. In addition, being on site with the Phoenix greenhouses gave him first-hand knowledge about the operation that account reps in other locations could never match. During breaks he often could be found in the greenhouses, following workers around and asking them about their jobs. Before the end of their short meeting, Ruiz presented Richardson with his resume and a letter explaining why he would be a great fit for sales. Richardson left the meeting with a desire to tap into this young man’s energy and drive. Chelsea Peterson Peterson, by contrast, was openly hostile to her new boss. Richardson tried to keep her composure but finally had to be quite direct. “Look, I’m not sure what’s going on,” she said. “We only just met, so why are you so upset with me?” T...
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