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Richardson arrived at the office on monday morning

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Unformatted text preview: e into her calendar. Richardson arrived at the office on Monday morning before anyone else. She wanted to greet her team members individually as they came in rather than show up after some had already settled in at their desks. The first arrival, a neatly dressed man with shoulder-length black hair and a dazzling smile, had a tray of cookies in one arm, a bakery box in the other, and a messenger bag slung over his shoulder. Richardson offered to help him with the door, but before she could introduce herself, he gave her a big smile and said, “You must be Melissa! I’m Gregorio. Hola! Welcome to the Phoenix office. Here, take this box. It’s for you.” Flustered by the unexpected gesture, Richardson took the box and thanked him. As Torres hurried into the kitchen with the cookies, a man and woman walked in the door. Box in hand, Richardson greeted them. “Hi, I’m Melissa. And you must be . . . ?” “Alex. Alex Hoffman,” said the young man abruptly, with barely a smile. “And this is Chelsea.” “Hi!” said the young woman as they hurried past her to the kitchen. Ruiz arrived a few minutes later and punched in just before 9:00 a.m. The only one missing was Vega. Wanting to establish some order the office seemed to lack, Richardson popped her head into the kitchen where the team members had congregated and announced a meeting in the conference room at 9:15 a.m. so she could get acquainted with them. At 9:15, Vega still had not arrived at the office. Torres, Ruiz, and Peterson were sitting in the big leather chairs around the conference table and Hoffman was nowhere to be seen. After a fruitless scan of the floor, Richardson returned to the conference room to start the meeting. “I said 9:15,” she thought, “so we’re starting at 9:15.” Richardson delivered the short speech she had prepared. She began by explaining her background with ColorTech and then said she had some ideas for improving sales in Phoenix and looked forward to learning what motivated each of them. She ended by sharing her goal to make Phoenix the number one sales office. Just as Richardson finished her speech, Hoffman barged into the room, mobile phone in hand, and noisily took the conference chair closest to the door. Richardson stood with her mouth slightly open as he continued texting on his phone. At that moment, a woman who must have been Vega rushed into the room, obviously having run from KELLOGG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Purchased by Chris Perronnet ([email protected]) on March 28, 2013 5 GROWING MANAGERS KEL629 the parking lot. “Are we having a meeting? Sorry I’m late, but the traffic was killer. What did I miss?” She sat down next to Hoffman, looked up, smiled, and said, “Oh! You must be Melissa!” Before Richardson could respond, a young man in coveralls knocked on the open conference room door. “Melissa Richardson? I’m T.J., the greenhouse manager. Ms. Campbell called me this morning and told me to give you a tour of the operations.” Richardson sighed. The interruption only added to her feeling that this meeting had been a weak introduction to her team, but a part of her welcomed the excuse to disappear. Before she left she told the team she would work her way across the floor later in the day to find out more about their work and their expectations from her as the new...
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