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She set up folders for each of her team members which

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Unformatted text preview: ice and the items on her desk. She set up folders for each of her team members, which included three account representatives and two store merchandisers. ColorTech store merchandisers supported the account reps for the bigbox stores by working closely with customers to ensure that merchandise arrived undamaged, replacement product was ordered when there was damage, and unsold product was shipped back to the greenhouses for possible redistribution or recycling. Store merchandisers often were promoted to become account representatives. From her predecessor’s notes, Richardson assembled some basic information on her team (see Table 1). Table 1: Phoenix Sales Team Alex Hoffman Account Representative Age: 32 Length of service: 8 years Sales this year: $2.11 MM Sales last year: $1.95 MM Sales previous year: $1.85 MM Gregorio Torres Account Representative Age: 36 Length of service: 12 years Sales this year: $850K Sales last year: $950K Sales previous year: $1.05 MM Sarah Vega Account Representative Age: 26 Length of service: 3 years Sales this year: $950K Sales last year: $1.10 MM Sales previous year: $900K Chelsea Peterson Store Merchandiser Age: 23 Length of service: 2 years Nick Ruiz Store Merchandiser Age: 22 Length of service: 1 year Seeking promotion to account representative Hoffman was the top salesperson in the company, and he had earned every award and received every perk ColorTech offered. Richardson was not sure how he achieved his sales numbers; his customers had limits on how much product they could purchase in a given season. She figured he must be making phone sales outside his area, something Richardson did to boost her own numbers in Chicago. If that were the case, she had to give him credit for taking that kind of initiative. Richardson had no information about Torres except that his sales numbers were low for his tenure with the company and lower this year than last. She made a note to discuss this with him. Vega was new to sales and had only been with ColorTech for three years. Her numbers were sporadic from month to month and year to year. Richardson was unsure if she just needed more time to build her client base or if something else was going on. Richardson made another note. 4 KELLOGG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Purchased by Chris Perronnet ([email protected]) on March 28, 2013 KEL629 GROWING MANAGERS Maybe she could give Torres and Vega some Friday afternoon lessons. She smiled at that, remembering the empty office yesterday afternoon. The sales team was supported by two store merchandisers, Nick Ruiz and Chelsea Peterson. Both appeared to have arrived fresh out of college. Ruiz had apparently expressed an interest in joining the sales team. Richardson liked that kind of initiative and decided she would talk to him to find out more; if he had the right stuff, she would keep him in mind. First Meeting Late Sunday night Richardson got a call from her regional manager, Campbell, who said she would be unable make it to Phoenix in the morning and asked if Richardson could introduce herself to her new team. Campbell also said she would e-mail the first quarter sales report to Richardson for her to complete. The report had to be submitted by April 15—in eight days. Although this was not exactly welcome news, Richardson figured she may as well learn how to do the report now and entered the due dat...
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