Drama 115

Drama 115 - Drama 115 19:28:00 Deus ex machina –(old...

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Drama 115 29/10/2007 19:28:00 Deus ex machina – (old meaning) the plays are ended by a machine that represents the gods. (New meaning) – a reversal in events that are occurring in the play. Henrick Ibson-father of modern drama. Torvald goes to Italy to re-gather his health. The money to pay for this trip came from Nora forging her father’s signature on a loan that she took from Krogstad. At the beginning of the play, everyone is happy because Torvald gets a new promotion and it’s Christmas time. Dr.Rank is good friends with Nora and admits that he loves Nora and always has. The climax comes when she realizes that she has choice about whether to stay or leave, and that Torvald hasn’t give her the relationship that she needs. There is no resolution in A Doll’s House. It is neither a melodrama or a realistic. Constantine Stanislavsky – he taught the method acting. Actors are bringing their emotional recall to help portray and actually become their characters Characters in this play are not complete characters. They are either damaged or manipulated in some way. Christine was the one who encouraged krogstad to leave the letter where they are and let Torvald and Nora work it out. Romeo and Juliet Adamson played montehugh (the father of Romeo) Some of the characters went into the audience The Importance of Being Ernest Marrying someone only because they are named ernest was part of the Victorian scheme of life Epigrams Mother Courage Mother Courage is usually the one that comes out on top, but she was had in one scene. The recruiter has take Eilif by the arm is taking him upstage.
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When Mother Courage learns that Eilif is gone she is dead silent. The only thing that ever shuts her up is the loss of one of her
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Drama 115 - Drama 115 19:28:00 Deus ex machina –(old...

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