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Adaptation 5 concepts of fitness and the stress

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Unformatted text preview: Adaptation 5 Concepts of Fitness and The Stress Target Zone The BURN OUT RUST OUT (Distress) (Boredom) EUSTRESS (The optimal amount of stress) 6 Concepts of Fitness and Contemporary Views of the Nature of Stress of The Process of Stress Appraisal Stressor 7 Coping Stress Outcome Concepts of Fitness and Click for info on Lab 18a Types of Stressors Types Environmental Physiological Emotional Emotional (psycho-social) (psycho-social) See 18-01 for info on stress among college students 8 Concepts of Fitness and Characteristics of Stressful Events Stressful 9 Negative Uncontrollable Ambiguous Concepts of Fitness and Appraisal of Stressors High Stress See stressor as a threat Stressor Appraisal Stress See stressor as a challenge Low Stress 10 Concepts of Fitness and Click for Lab 18b Info Hardiness Hardiness Commitment Control Challenge Individuals high in “Hardiness” have fewer stress related problems due to the way they perceive stress and the coping mechanisms they use (“approach” coping instead of “avoidance” coping) Web18-2 11 Concepts of Fitness and Click for info on Lab 1...
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