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Marketing Research assignment - Mr. Cake Principles of...

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Mr. Cake Principles of Marketing 3:30-4:45 Tu/Th 5 February 2008 Journal Assignment #2 With the advent of the internet and the computer age in general, information has become readily available to everyone in the world. This is especially advantageous to research companies and those in the business of collecting data. It seems that everywhere one goes; one must register for the website they are visiting. First name, last name, address; every site on the internet is constantly collecting data waiting for potential buyers. Marketing research companies are the potential buyers these websites are looking for. They take this data and use it to conduct surveys; some are the junk mail that everyone so loathes, some are the specialized, the focus-based surveys used to gather customer data for large corporations. The internet allows access to information was once unavailable or too costly to obtain. There are many advantages to internet-based marketing but unfortunately there are some disadvantages as well. Internet marketing has several advantage, the first being that it is regarded by marketing experts as being the “primary solution to online presence” (nPresence). Next and almost as importantly, it is a very low cost venture. Unlike many other aspects of the business world, it does not require a large capital to implement. Any start-up company could put together a survey and have it online for a few dollars. Because it resides purely online, only a small initial
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Marketing Research assignment - Mr. Cake Principles of...

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