B find the cell biomass concentration in the recycle

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Unformatted text preview: eam (S). B. Find the cell (biomass) concentration in the recycle stream. C. Find the cell concentration in the centrifuge effluent (X2). 3. From Kargi and Shuler. 4. You are a young engineer just graduated out of college and you just got at job at a wastewater treating company. Your first assignment is to reengineer a continuous waste treatment process for the removal of organic compounds from municipal wastewater. The current plant consists of a 1000 m3 stirred tank. Because of an increase on the load of the plant, you are asked to modify the design so it can keep up with the increased load and still be able to meet the required concentration of organics for the stream leaving the process. Quickly you realize that the best way to handle the higher load is to add a second tank after the 1000 m3 (so you have two stirred tanks in series). Now you just have to calculate what is the volume of the second tank so you can treat the new load and meet the required concentration of organics at the end of the pr...
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