Our auxistat also measures the mass of substrate

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Unformatted text preview: nt]. Our auxistat also measures the mass of substrate added”. The following data were taken: Run 1 time (h) 0 24 Run 2 S = 1 g/L Total X substrate added (mg/L) (g) 100 1.000 333 1.466 time (h) 0 24 S = 0. 1 g/L Total X substrate added (mg/L) (g) 100 No data 124 No data Find µmax, Ks, and Yx/s for B. texanus based on this data. 2. Exam problem 2004 In a chemostat with cell recycle, the feed flow rate and culture volumes are F = 100 ml/h and V = 1000 ml, respectively. The system is operated under glucose limitation, and the yield coefficient, Y XM is 0.5 gdw cells/g substrate. Glucose S concentration in the feed is S0 = 10 g glucose/l. The kinetic constants of the organisms are μ M = 0.2 h-1, KS = 1 g glucose/l. The value of C is 1.5, and the recycle ratio is α = 0.7 . The system is at a steady state and the cells obey Monod kinetics. A. Derive an expression for μ as a function of D and then find the substrate concentration in the recycle str...
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