The new load is 500 m3 per hour and it can be assumed

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Unformatted text preview: ocess. The new load is 500 m3 per hour and it can be assumed that the wastewater stream contains no microorganisms. The concentration of organics (i.e. the substrate) is equal to 10 g/liter before entering the plant. The city requires that the concentration of organics (i.e. substrate) at the end of the process to be 0.1 g/liter. Data: The organism that you are going to use to degrade the organic compounds can be described by the Monod equation with μ_max = 1.0 hr-1 and KS = 1.0 g/liter. Maintenance energy can be neglected. The yield coefficient is YX/S = 0.4 g cells/g substrate....
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