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Riddle 1 Professor Asya Composition 20.201.04 12 February 2008 Colorado is Turning Green Energy conservation is starting to become a hot trend amongst the general populace of today. Walking down the street, one can find a myriad of hybrid cars and ads telling people to “go green.” People are switching to compact fluorescent lights, buying more fuel efficient cars and keeping their energy usage as low as possible. While this is a start, the main problem lies where electricity is generated. The methods that we currently use to generate electricity are very harmful to the environment. Power plants that burn fossil fuels not only pollute the air, they destroy the atmosphere by releasing greenhouse gases. The solution to the planet killing factories lies with alternative energy sources. These new methods of garnering energy have less of an environmental impact and are more importantly, renewable. Due to its geographical location and available resources, Colorado is in a position to benefit both financially and environmentally from a form of alternative energy sources known as biomass. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, alternative energy is defined as, “energy fueled in ways that do not use natural resources or harm the environment.”
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Riddle 2 Alternative energy can also be referred to as green energy, renewable energy, and sustainable energy. These non-fossil fuel based energies can include such types as: wind, solar, biomass, wave, and tidal energy. The methods of harvesting electricity used by alternative energy are generally much better for the environment than the fossil fuel based methods. This is because they do not involve burning of fossil fuels. In turn, these sources of energy do not produce ozone-depleting gases that cause global warming. In addition to not causing adverse amounts of pollution, green energy is renewable. With proper regulations in place, the energy source will always be renewable. Just as a pond will continue to be fishable if it is not overfished, the earth will continue providing these renewable sources of energy if they are not overharvested. In today’s society, biomass is becoming a popular source of energy for new cars. Biomass is “organic nonfossil material of biological origin constituting a renewable energy source,” according to the United States Department of Energy. Biomass is made from three separate sources of energy. These include: wood, waste
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Comp- Research paper - Riddle 1 Professor Asya Composition...

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