Skin Deep - GreetingLine ANTH 2100-303 Skin Deep? Many...

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Christopher Stapleton ANTH 2100-303 Skin Deep? Many people believe that skin color, or race, doesn’t exist, but there are those who believe that it plays a big role in peoples abilities. I believe that race is only skin deep. It’s just a color and that there is no superior race. Nowadays a lot of the races are mixed; there are no “purebreds” but more on the lines of a lot of different nationalities mixed together to create a unique individual. Over time people have made the assumptions that if your black then you can jump high, and you can run faster than most average white people. It may be true on average or it may not, the point is that the abilities that we have as humans don’t just randomly appear, it comes from our genes. “It doesn't matter if they are black or white, what matters is who their parents were”( Michael Jordan wouldn’t have been able to jump has high or have the natural ability that he did if his parents weren’t who they were. Now it takes a lot of work from the individual and practice to become even better at what they do but without the natural ability that was giving to him when he was conceived then he wouldn’t be a “Michael Jordan.” An easier way to see how genes effect people is to look at their height. “In 1850
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Skin Deep - GreetingLine ANTH 2100-303 Skin Deep? Many...

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