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Feb Thu 2 – Egyptian Architecture. Readings: Kostof, chap. 4. What is left of Egyptian architecture? Part of buildings, tombs Plans of some cities that were destroyed – but only the 2D foundation Very specific type of architecture – very specific character Reconstructed throught the mind of the archaeologist Nile, longest river, creates axis through Egypt Way for them to survive Fertile land, transportation Very regular rhythm of flooding When Nile flooded, the fields flooded, farmers needed to reshape them Needed to reorganize edges, angles, and straight lines First knowledge of structure, idea of space for Egyptian Space – rectilinear, oriented north-south Also sun, east-west This is why notion of “round” circles is not really common in Egypt Plan of town of Kahun Very linear, orthogonal layers Perfect orientation of northward, etc. very rectangular Social division of town according to direction North – poor, Acropolis is right below, but is separated from poor by thick wall Detail of some unit of single private house Unclear how family was structured Maybe the house structure would give us idea of social structure Groups of families were living together One common space A small city within a city Zoser’s Pyramid in Saqqara, c. 2680 BC Requires work of thousands of people Cities/towns far away, transportation not convenient
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Architecture_NotesFeb2 - Feb Thu 2 Egyptian Architecture....

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