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Tue 28 – Romanesque. Readings: Kostof, chap. 13. Sections (Note: he will make a list of all the buildings we need to know by next Tuesday) Empire has started to focus more on the eastern area. [Ravenna, church of San Vitale, 526-547] Octagonal layout – conveys tradition of Roman empire Most important of the Byzantine Empire [Rome, Orti Liciniani] Inside 8 rooms surrounding one big one (the nave) Small rooms Outside characterized by gigantic pillars Poured concrete In these buildings, there is a loss of architectural order Exterior is given by a rather large, arched window Everything else is rather plain – nothing very appealing Just a vertical projection of the plan [Emperor Justinian, mosaic panel] The inside is very decorative Very decorative mosaic panels Tri-partite level Two columns in middle to separate 3 areas of balcony looking down The columns, fluted, are started to even be painted Progressive vanishing of the old language of architecture Every square inch of interior is decorated Mostly mosaics, some frescos Light is an important aspect of this building *specific mosaic panel – expresses the notion of the Roman Empire Roman emperor is almost perceived as God on earth – the power Orders – capital – language changed Reflects change of feel of empire Ends with arches Not classical at all – but has a hint, a memory of the past
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Architecture_NotesFeb28 - Tue 28 Romanesque. Readings:...

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