Weak Productivity Is Another Bane of Recovery - Real Time Economics - WSJ

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Unformatted text preview: a r Ro lls Ou t in Du b a i Don't Miss T h e R i s e of t h e ' He a l t h y ' Di v a [? ] P l os s e r : F e d Sh ou l d En d Bon d Bu y i n g b y Y e a r ' s En d W h a t Re a l l y Ha p p e n s W h e n Y ou F l u s h on a n A i r pl a n e? About Re al T ime Economics Real Tim e Econom ics offers exclus ive news , analys is and com m entary on the econom y, Federal Res erve policy and econom ics . The Wall Street Journal’s Phil Izzo is the lead editor, with contributions from other Journal reporters and editors . Send news item s , com m ents and ques tions to 2/6 15 04 2013 Weak Pr oductivity Is Another Bane of Recover y - Real Time Economics - WSJ realt imeeco no mics@w sj. co m. Joshua Shapiro, c hief U.S. ec onom is t at M FR Inc ., s ays the near-term outlook will depend on output growth. Read m ore E co no mics co verage. “If [output] rem ains anem ic , as we feel likely, produc tivity gains will c ontinue to be c ons trained, unit labor c os ts will tend to trend gradually higher, and pres s ure will be exerted on profit m argins ,” he warns . Re al Tim e Econom ics on Tw it...
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