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Les s c lear is the role of tec hnology it took indus

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Unformatted text preview: lear is the role of tec hnology . It took indus try a full dec ade to reap the produc tivity rewards of the PC. W hat is the nex t big tec h wave to c hange the way we do bus ines s ? W ill the innovations in s oc ial network ing be trans lated into produc tivity gains ? 10:22 am September 6, 2012 city, state, zip FIND JOBS M ORE JOB S Technology Jobs | IT Jobs Conte nt from our Sponsors [?] Ge orge McDuffe e wrote : I don’t unders tand it. W e c ut R&D to the bone, we s topped inves ting in new equipment, mac hines , and produc ts , and we got rid of the older work ers that unders tood the proc es s es bec aus e we were pay ing them too muc h when we downs iz ed. W e are firing people to improve moral, and we inc reas ed the CEO’s bonus . Jus t what els e c an we do? :-( 10:33 pm September 5, 2012 Ex -Apostle of the $USD wrote : But not as bad for the ec onomy as Bain Capital ! Wa l l S tre e taJo u ro o k i tte r L i n ke d In o u rS q u aoe g l e + o u T u bP o d ca stRS S Fe e d F ce b n a lw T F G ro Y e s A p p S to re Su b scr ib e / Lo g in Back t o Top Cu sto me r Se r v ice Po licy Ad s To o ls & F e atu r e s M ore Customer Center Privacy Policy Your Ad Choices Apps Register for Free New ! Live Help Data Policy Advertise New sletters and Alerts Reprints Contact Us Copyright Policy Advertise Locally Graphics & Photos E-books W SJ W eekend Subscriber Agreement & Terms of Use Place a Classified Ad Columns Content Partnerships Topics Conferences Guides SafeHouse Portfolio Mobile Site Old Portfolio Price & Volume Contact Directory Corrections Keyw ord & Symbol Jobs at W SJ blog s.wsj.com/economics/2012/09/05/weak- pr oductivity- is- another - bane- of- r ecover y/ Copy r ight ©2013 D ow Jones & C om pany, Inc . A ll Rights Res er v ed. 5/6...
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