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Unformatted text preview: t e r Like Bus ines s es m ay try to rais e pric es , Mr. Shapiro s ays , but with the ec onom y dealing with exc es s c apac ity and s tagnant hous ehold inc om es , “m any of thes e efforts will prove lim ited or uns uc c es s ful.” 2ea R01 l Tim e Econom ics on Face book WSJ Email New sletters RTE News letter S IGN UP On the other hand, if output were to pic k up, the boos t m ay not lift produc tivity as the exis ting U.S. work forc e s eem s pretty s tretc hed already. Sym bols and Alerts Manage Em ail Preferences Erik Johnson, U.S. ec onom is t at IHS Global Insight, s ays it is “unlikely” that bus ines s es will be able to generate even a m odes t gain in output without a pic kup in hiring. As a res ult, he s ays , “produc tivity growth m ay dec line over the next few quarters as the labor m arket regains s team .” IHS Global Ins ight forec as ts produc tivity will grow below 1% for all of 2012, and Mr. Johns on s ays , “It...
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