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Strong produc tivity growth provides the c as h that

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Unformatted text preview: h provides the c as h that allows wages and profits to grow, enables workers to live better and governm ents to c ollec t m ore revenues without rais ing tax rates . Output per hour often s lows after an initial burs t right after a rec es s ion, but like s o m any other trends , produc tivity has been unus ually weak in this rec overy. Ec onom is ts aren’t s ure when produc tivity m ay return to its long-run average of about 2%, but it’s likely to be a long while. blog s.wsj.com/economics/2012/09/05/weak- pr oductivity- is- another - bane- of- r ecover y/ RE A L T IM E E CONOM ICS HOM E P A GE » Latest Economy New s Most Popular Read Commented 1. Gold Selloff on Tax Day Perhaps No Coincidence 2. Go ld , Silv e r Slu m p Fu r t h e r I nt o t h e A b y ss 3. 'Ma d Me n, ' A Co nv e r sa t io n: Ch e a t ing He a r t s 4 . Go ld 's Two -Day Plu nge One fo r t he Re c o r d Bo o ks 5. La m b o r gh ini Po lic e C...
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