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13. BIOS 281 Electrolyte Balance Urinary 3.0

Exchange for na in intercalated cells regulang

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Unformatted text preview: itates reabsorp=on of urea into medulla, further moves water out of collec=ng duct Aldosterone •  Responds to decrease in blood pressure (decreased blood flow to kidneys) •  Constricts efferent arterioles, builds up glomerular blood pressure in spite of low renal blood flow •  Increases reabsorp=on of ions and water in the kidney –  Increased blood volume and blood pressure •  In distal tubule and collec=ng duct, Aldosterone upregulates Na/K pumps –  Net reabsorp=on of Na Aldosterone •  Aldosterone upregulates eNaCs, increasing membrane permeability to Na •  S=mulates Na and water reabsorp=on from the gut, and salivary glands •  Inhibits swea=ng •  S=mulates secre=o...
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