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SOC 101 TERM PAPER: Write a 7-10 page paper on either: 1. Should same sex marriages be legalized? Here, it is advisable to demonstrate that you know the arguments on both ends of the debate – before coming down on your preferred side. I would expect your paper to cover such issues as why there is a debate in the first place, the functions of marriage and the family, and the consequences of legalizing or not legalizing such marriages. Nest your paper within the context of such concepts as norms, values, power, among others. OR 2. A sociological assessment of the University of Richmond’s voluntary pre- orientation program for incoming “students of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds”. With this topic, you want to explore the rationale of the program, its elements, and its possible manifest and latent consequences, and – if necessary – any
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Unformatted text preview: changes you would suggest. Remember, you may support it with or without reservations, or you may be against it wholly or partially. What is important is that you bring sociology to the exercise. It is a topic that lends itself beautifully to the issues we have discussed in class. As an exercise in sociological analysis, make your paper theoretical. Invoke sociological concepts and perspectives to make your case. YOU SHOULD USE THEORY (i.e. functionalism, conflict theory, interactionism, etc). Support your arguments with pertinent facts and figures where possible. Cite sources of information. Neither of these topics requires you to interview respondents. Use existing literature. YOU MAY WRITE THIS SINGLY OR IN PAIRS FOR THE SAME GRADE. Due date: 4/17...
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