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Book terms for test #3

Book terms for test #3 - Study Guide#3 Book Terms Ch...

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Study Guide #3 Book Terms Ch. 18 - Bartolome de Las Casas- most outspoken cleric critic of the Spanish conquistadores; concluded that conquest was not necessary for conversion - Black Legend- Argument that Spanish treatment of Native Americans was uniquely inhumane - Casa de Contratacion- (House of Trade) in Seville, Spain that regulated all trade with the New World and was the most influential institution of the Spanish Empire - Columbian Exchange- transport system between the Americas and Europe; each transported goods back but also brought back different diseases - Conquistadores- name of Spanish conquerors - Creoles- - Debt Peonage- requirement that laborers remain and continue to work on a hacienda until they had paid their debts to the owner for goods bought from him on credit - Encomienda- Grant by the Spanish crown to a colonist of the labor of a specific number of Indians for a set period of time - Hacienda- large landed estates in Spanish America - Hernan Cortes- landed in Mexico with about 500 men and a few horses. He opened communication with Moctezuma II, the Aztec emperor. - Jamestown- 1 st successful settlement of the English colonies; - Mercantilism- term used to describe close government control of the economy that sought to maximize exports and accumulate as much precious metals as possible to enable the state to defend its economic and political interests - Peninsulares- persons born in Spain who settles in Spanish colonies
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  • Fall '07
  • Lishak
  • Spanish colonization of the Americas, Analects, Spanish Empire, House of Habsburg, -Chang’an-Empress Wu-Sui Dynasty, -Industrial Revolution- mechanization, -Columbian Exchange- transport

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Book terms for test #3 - Study Guide#3 Book Terms Ch...

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