Lecture terms for test#3

Lecture terms for test#3 - Lecture Terms for Study...

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Lecture Terms for Study Guide #3 - William the Conqueror- - King John- King who was forced to sign Magna Carta in 1215 - Magna Carta- King must absorb the law of the alnd or proceed against anyone without due process of common law - English Parliament- originated in 1265 called the Great Council of England; first joint assembly of nables and magnates - Hugh Capet- part of the Capertian dynsasty; elected by nobles in 987(limited power) - Philip the Fair- 1 st monarch to consult systematic law with regular law; created Estates General - Estates General-(3 levels) 1) clergy 2)nobility 3)towns people - Hundred Year’s War- (1337-1431) lasted 161 years; war between the French and British; nobles played great role in war; French lost many numbers to the better organized British(go figure) - Joan of Arc- (1412-1431) has a vision that said to free France from British so she went to war; captured by British and burned at the stake for witchcraft - Nation-state- - Wars of Religion- - Huguenots- - Henry IV- - Edict of Nantes- - Thirty Year’s War- - Musket- - Peace of Westphalia- consequence of 30 years war-> all German states were 1) free to determine their own religion 2) European state system - European States System- states defined by treaties - Absolutism- sovereign power in the state rested in the hands of a king or queen who claimed to rule by divine right - Louis XIV- - Cardinal Richelieu- (1624-1642) doctrine: reason of state- chief minister- doctrine said you must strengthen monarchy power so he took steps to control smaller authority’s power
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Lecture terms for test#3 - Lecture Terms for Study...

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