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Unformatted text preview: owing statements is TRUE? A) The unemployment rate does not tell us anything about the duration of unemployment. B) The duration of unemployment decreases during recessions. C) The duration of unemployment increases during economic expansions. D) The median duration of unemployment is usually greater than the average duration. Answer: A Diff: 2 Topic: Unemployment Skill: Analytic AACSB: Analytic Skills 42) The labor force participation rate is the A) total number of people who are participating in the labor force. B) ratio of the number of employed people to the number of unemployed people. C) ratio of the labor force to the total population 16 years old or older. D) the number of people in the labor force minus the number of people who are unemployed. Answer: C Diff: 1 Topic: Unemployment Skill: Fact 43) During recessions, the number of discouraged workers ________ and this ________ the unemployment rate. A) falls; reduces B) decreases; increases C) increases; reduces D) increases; increases Answer: C Diff: 2 Topic: Unemployment Skill: Conceptual AACSB: Reflective Thinking 44) The Humphrey-Hawkins Act formally established a specific unemployment target for the economy of...
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