MSCI 311-Organizational Goals NOTES-2


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Unformatted text preview: a%reflec/on%of%power%of%the%various%groups%% –  Side%payments% •  Price%paid%by%one%coali/on%to%another% •  Examples:%Money,%personal%treatment,%authority,%organiza1on%policy% –  Organiza/onal%slack% •  Resul/ng%difference%between%the%total%resources%thus%available%to%the% organiza/on%and%the%total%payments%necessary% •  Cushion%of%unused%resources.%% •  Example:%wages%paid%above%the%level%necessary%to%acract%an% acceptable%workforce% 11% Example% 12% Why%is%goal%seJng%difficult?% •  Goal%conflict% –  %individual%vs.%the%organiza/on% –  Interedepartmental%% •  Goal%displacement%as%a%result%of:% –  Success:%achieve%official%goal%%come%up%with%new% goal.%% •  Example:%March%of%Dimes% 13% hcp:// hcp:// –  Overemeasurement:% •  Focus%on%aspect%of%the%goal%that%is%easily%measurable% –  Departmental%subeop/miza/on% •  Recall%example%in%Module%1% –  Meanseend%inversion% •  %Rules%become%the%goal.% •  %Example:%Merton’s%model%for%dysfunc/onal% consequences%of%bureaucracy% –  See%next%slide% Eg) PDEng Goal: Maintain consistency and quality of administration and grading of assignments Rule: only grade assignments that are in the drop box on time Over time, all energy is focused on following rules. Original goal is forgotten. 14% Merton’s%model% Demand%for%control% Defensibility% of%individual% ac/ons% Emphasis%on%reliability% Rigidity%of%behavior%% Felt%need%for% defensibility% of%ac/ons% Amount%of%difficulty% with%clients% •  Rules%become%the%goal% •  Rigidity% •  Worker%apathy% Intended%consequences% Unintended%consequences% 15% •  Meaneends%inconsistency% –  Means%logically%cannot%achieve%goal% •  Disagreement%on%means% –  Agreement%on%goal%does%not%guarantee%an% agreement%on%the%means%to%achieve%that%goal.% 16% Goals% Types%of%goals%and%their% func1on% The%process%of%goal% se3ng% Challenges%of%goal% seJng% 17%...
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