MSCI 311-Organizational Goals NOTES-2


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Unformatted text preview: you priority of goals 6% –  Mission%statement:%organiza/on’s%overall%goal% –  Image%related% •  •  Dilbert’s%Mission%Statement%Generator% E.g.,%“Our%mission%is%to%proac/vely%coordinate% emerging%sources%in%order%to%solve%business% problems”% 7% 2.%Opera/ve%goals%(what%the%organiza/on%is%actually% trying%to%do)% look at operation to decide operative goals -tell a lot about company -help figure out what the priorities of the organization are –  Provide%the%specific%content%of%official%goals%–%the%means% to%official%goals% –  Reflect%choices%among%compe/ng%values% –  Outcomes%that%organiza/on%seeks%to%acain% Examples:% Context% Official%Goals% Opera1ve%Goals% Employment% Agency% Place%job%seekers%in%contact%with% ?% firms%seeking%workers% find firms looking for workers, reputation building Hospital% Promote%the%health%of%the% ?% community%through%curing%the%ill% efciency, building additions, decreasing wait times General% organiza/on% Make%a%profit% eSpecify%quality%vs.%quan/ty% eSpecify%whether%profits%are%short%run% and%risky%or%long%run%and%stable% University%of% Waterloo% eRecruitment%of%best%faculty,% staff,%and%students% ?% improving residences, 8% Func...
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